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Deck & Fence

Building a wood deck increases usable living space at a much lower cost per square foot than building a standard construction addition to the home.

A variety of lumber types may be used in constructing your wood deck design. Ranging from standard framing lumber to breathtaking redwood or cedar, to new man-made deck board materials. Redwood and cedar are the most coveted choice in deck lumber, but are becoming scarce and command premium price per board foot.

Standard framing lumber may used for deck building, but requires extra time and expense for frequent treatments required; staining and waterproofing. Man-made deck board is higher priced, but requires no deck stain or maintenance, and is impervious to weathering. Making it well worth the initial investment.

Decide On a Plan
The first step in building your new deck is deciding on a deck plan to fit both your needs and budget. Consider what the deck primarily purpose will be; large family gatherings, entertaining, or for additional outdoor family use. A large deck design may be best for gatherings or entertaining, while a smaller.

Add Extra Living Space To Your Home !

This Simple Deck Kit Is The Perfect Solution For a Sunny Corner Of The Your Garden.

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Friday, July 26, 2013