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If you're looking professional basement finisher & Basement finish from 20 To 30 working days. So Call For Free Estimate 416-302-2236

Finish Basement For finishing off the basement the wiring, pipes and ductwork cannot go in until the framing has been complete. In an unfinished basement there are still load-bearing walls with the utilities in place but if you have moved these walls then the new walls will have to be addressed.

The Walls With the insulation in place the drywall can go up. A lot of do-it-yourselfers But a professional can do a perfect job with half the mess at ¼ the time. Leave a ½ inch space between the bottom edge and the cement floor to prevent “wicking,” the soaking upward of water, in case there is ever a water spill in the basement.

Sub Floor; Floors can be accept studs, vapor seal and be insulated just like the walls. Some homeowners will place 1” rigid foam sheets on the floor and then 2” X 2” studs right on top. Either way you can then sheath it with 3/4” plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). A product had surfaced with the foam and OSB sandwich together. These come in 2' X 2' squares which are placed down and glued together with the OSB side up. This is a quick to get the desired results.With the basement shell now complete you can paint and begin placing the cabinets and fixtures for your new living space.

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